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LG CNS Smart Transportation


Our Expertise

It has been more than several decades since smartcards were introduced in the fare collection industry. The smartcards as fare media have enabled people to use the public transport more conveniently and more efficiently

It is becoming more common for modern cities to have a smart card-based transportation system. Further developments have been made in the system to an account-based system and an open payment system incorporating current banking infrastructures so that more customer-based services were provided. It is expected that NFC-based new technology will bring another revolution to the industry.

From the point of view of on-board equipment, on-board AFC and FMS equipment were supplied by different contractors in the past. So, the cost was high for the operators during O&M period. Nowadays, new trend of integrated on-board AFC and FMS equipments are welcomed by city governments. LG CNS is one of the global leaders for those integrated AFC and FMS equipments.

What points should be considered if your city has plans to implement AFC system?

  • Should it be interfaced with ERP system?
  • Do you want scalable system so that new AFC system could accept future media such as NFC or EMV?
  • Do you want Integrated FMS & AFC on-board equipment for your city?

Our Solutions

With proven expertise through major references in global cities, LG CNS provides end-to-end services and solutions for fare collection by integrating fare information and applications across the transportation types, transit and routes.

LG CNS's Smart Card Payment Solution helps transport operators to realize higher efficiency, profitability, and convenience with customer satisfaction by delivering passenger-oriented new "unified fare payment technology".
As a turn-key solution provider, LG CNS provides a range of smart card related equipments, solutions and application services to ensure success in the future of public transit.

Our solution offerings :

  • Holistic consulting services for system analysis & design
  • Equipments supply & integration
  • Back office application development & implementation
  • System interface
  • Data center implementation
  • Operating & policy support system
  • Post-hoc analysis and intelligence consulting

System features are :

  • Dual structure system
  • High performance architecture
  • Multi-layered back-up system
  • Enhanced security
  • Operational excellence

Fare Calculation System :

  • Distance Based System
  • Zonal Based System
  • Station Based System

Card Based System

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Account based System

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Integrated On-board system

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Our Benefits

  • Provide accurate forecast of public transportation demand based on real data, which is essential to establish effective policies.
  • Enhance accessibility of passengers through using all modes of public transportation simply by tagging a single all-access smart card and enjoy savings via transfer discounts and other value added benefits provided to smart card users.
  • Provide revenue data per vehicle and route and generate other information in real time. Higher customer satisfaction can contribute to cost savings and revenue growth from the increase in the number of passengers.

Our References

  • City "Seoul, Republic of Korea," New Smart Card System
  • City "Seoul, Republic of Korea," Next generation Smart Card System
  • City "Bogota, Colombia" AFC system Implementation between Phase 1, 2 and Phase 3
  • City "Athens, Greece," e-ticketing System
  • City "Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia" AFC system (integration with the existing system)
  • City "Penang, Malaysia" AFC system Implementation
  • City "Jeju, Korea" Automatic Cash Collection System and M-Pass for foreigner and tourist
  • Device Platform Implementation of New Zealand Transportation System