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LG CNS Smart Transportation


Our Expertise

The increasing number of passenger cars exacerbate the traffic flows in the city centers. Despite popularities, many of public bus systems have failed to offer a more convenient transit alternative for the public because they often run late and unreliable, causing the decline of the service quality that they offer.

This has led to a decline in the number of passengers and falling revenues of bus operators, which in turn will cause the further deterioration of service quality. A solution is needed to halt this downward spiral. This solution must provide information relevant to drivers, bus operators and passengers on time, while furnishing local governments and bus companies with effective and smooth control over bus dispatching and traffic flow.

What is the solution to ease traffic problems and create convenient and reliable public transit for the city? The issues include:

  • An increasing number of passenger cars
  • Problems leading to passenger inconvenience; traffic congestion that impedes efficiency and service quality (i.e. public buses that run late and unreliably)
  • Downward spiral: a declining number of passengers, falling revenues
  • Need for relevant information and effective control over dispatch and traffic flow

Our Solutions

The LG CNS FMS (Fleet Management System) provides planning & dispatching service from planning timetables to optimized disposition of vehicles and drivers. The solution also tracks the location of vehicles in real time for bus drivers and companies to maintain appropriate intervals among vehicles and optimize dispatch more efficiently.

It also improves passenger satisfaction, as they can receive information on estimated arrival time and bus routes via PIP (Passenger Information Panel) installed at bus stops and in vehicle; or through the Internet and mobile phones.

From route planning to statistics/ reporting, the solution automates and systemizes the entire process of public transit operation, which allows companies to flexibly and effectively adjust to changing demand.

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In case of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system, LG CNS can provide ‘Total IT Solution’ and ‘Total System Integration’ as follows :

  • In Vehicle System: on-board computer, driver console, validator, turnstile gate, CCTV, PIP, audio device, automatic passenger counter, panic button, CAN
  • Station System: gate, TVM (Ticket Vending Machine), POS (Point Of Service), PIP, CCTV surveillance system, PSD (Platform Screen Door)
  • Central System and Communication Network: video-wall, IT infra, application software for FMS/AFC, communication network system
  • 3rd Party Integration: bus procurement project, BRT Infra. construction project (bus lane, bus station, control center building)
  • Integration and interface with Traffic management system.

The LG CNS FMS solution’s strengths are following :

  • Experienced in successfully implementing the LG CNS FMS in one of the most densely populated megalopolises in the world
  • Extensive capabilities across the whole process of planning, designing, implementing, operating, and maintaining the solution
  • Supporting various architecture, compatible with ISO CEN’s TransModel/CEN/TS 15531 SIRI
  • Providing user-friendly operation environment such as visualized geographic map/synoptic map, convenient user interface (skin/layout) and multi-language support

Our Benefits

  • Improves the safety and reliability of the public bus system by monitoring and managing driving patterns
  • Enhances passenger convenience by monitoring real time operations and providing information on estimated arrival times
  • Saves total cost of bus operators by maximizing operating efficiency
  • Supports public transit policy making by accumulating historical data analysis and statistics
  • Creates eco-friendly traffic environments by reducing traffic congestion, promoting public transit and supporting eco-driving via CAN interface

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