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LG CNS Smart Transportation


Our Expertise

Inner city roads and intersections are suffering from ever worsening congestion due to urban population expansion and the rising number of cars, which is likely to lead to increasing risk of traffic accidents, waste of energy, and air pollution. Furthermore, the metropolitan area is expanding as new satellite cities and bedroom communities spring up, and the public transportation system is stretched to cover more and more ground.
Government and Public transport Authorities need to address those issues. However, measures such as building and expanding the road system have clear limits. As a result, policy makers are now paying more attention to traffic management systems using IT technology.

We efficiently manage urban traffic issues by applying cutting-edge technologies, support policy makers to manage demand across inner city road and metropolitan area, and help travelers to safe and convenient travel.

What are the solutions to effectively deal with traffic problems in order to build a safe and convenient city?

  • Population growth and the rising number of cars in the city
  • Many related issues Traffic jams, risk of car accidents, waste of energy, air pollution
  • Expansion of the road system with only limited effect
  • Traffic management systems using cutting edge IT technology

Our Solutions

The Traffic Management System of LG CNS provides an integrated and systematic solution across the entire span of traffic management, including traffic information analysis, real-time traffic flow monitoring and incident management, advanced traffic signal control and traffic violation enforcement. LG CNS holds state-of-the-art V2X* Solution powered by LG core technologies of LG Electronics and LG Innotek.

Traffic Information and Data Analysis System

The Traffic Information System generates traffic information by integrating process based on data collected through various devices installed on the road, such as CCTV, VDS and AVI, and wireless technology, and provides real time traffic information through diverse media such as VMS, CNS (Car Navigation Systems), Internet and mobile phones.

The Traffic Data Analysis System integrates / manages data from traffic management systems and other external sources to increase relevance of data and generate essential information to the decision making process for traffic planning, traffic operation, and traffic impact assessment. Operational data is converted for an analytic database which generates velocity & volume analysis, incident analysis, public transit use analysis (AFC system analysis), etc. to support scientific traffic administration and policy making. Data analysis based on OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) enables the production of user oriented analytic data and methodology.

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Traffic Flow Monitoring and Incident Management System

The Traffic Flow Monitoring and Incident Management System detect and respond to car accidents and other unanticipated, sudden situations and incidents via various detectors installed on the road in order to prevent secondary accidents and alleviate the resulting traffic jams. Detected data are automatically sorted for relevance in terms of the effect on the traffic and the scale of accidents, and after confirmation by the operator, provided to the public instantaneously.

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Advanced Traffic Signal Control System

The Advanced Traffic Signal Control System of LG CNS provides real time, optimized traffic signal control using data gathered through sensors installed on the road. Further, by providing a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based on GIS, it supports easy operation of the system by the operator.

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Traffic Violation Enforcement System

The Traffic Violation Enforcement System systematically supports traffic law enforcement against speeding violations, traffic light violations, bus-only lane violations, and illegal parking. The automated enforcement system improves the safety of the road and traffic flow.

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The LG CNS TMS solution’s strengths are as follows:

  • Established the largest traffic management system in Korea in the past 15 years
  • Possesses the capability to design and implement traffic management systems for all localities and purposes, including, for example, roads in urban areas, freeways, local roads and new towns
  • Secures total system integration capability (ITS equipment, delivery and installation, S/W analysis/design/development, communications infrastructure construction, operations & maintenance)
  • Ensures easy traffic flow and road safety by building an automated traffic management process to detect, confirm and respond to traffic accidents and linking relevant government agencies on-line
  • Allows for real-time car connectivity to increase driver safety, user convenience and traffic efficiency through cutting edge LG’s V2X* technology

* V2X: Vehicle-to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infra (V2I) communication

Our Benefits

  • Prevents and alleviates traffic congestion by effectively managing the road network
  • Reduces the risk of traffic accidents and secures road safety via real time monitoring and immediate response with V2X technology
  • Improves road user convenience by providing information, and supporting decisions on driving routes and modes of transportation
  • Provides traffic information services via various media to maximize user convenience

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