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LG CNS Smart Transportation

LG CNS Telecommunication

Our Expertise

As railway rapidly expanded and integrated, more complicated telecommunication system is required.
The telecommunication system allows not only to transfer rapidly and accurately all the information needed to operate railway, but also to help people to use railways conveniently and safely.

We Plan, Design, Install, Test, Operate & Maintain telecommunication systems with the most advanced equipment and technology.

LG CNS has over a decade of experience in the railway business domain, both domestic and international. LG CNS solutions are widely applied, such as in the High Speed Rail(KTX) in South Korea and others around the world.

Our Solutions

The solution that we provide takes into account the concerns of reliability, availability, safety and maintainability while, at the same time, meeting the high standards set by the requirements of the system. To ensure the reliability of the Subsystems provided, all Subsystems will utilize a distributed system architecture, preventing a single point of failure, and its equipments will be in a hot-swappable redundant configuration so that replacement of any equipment in the event of fault will be quick and painless.


  • It is the facility that transmits all train driving information including SCADA, AFC, TDI and KROIS to Operation Control Center in real-time using fiber-optical cables.
  • Backbone Network, Data Communication system


  • It is the system to transfer the information reciprocally between driving trains and waysides, between trains or between waysides
  • Control Center, TRS System, On-Board System

Station Communication

  • It is the facility to support the railway operator's work, provide the passengers with train running information, and help the maintenance of railway facility and railway safety.


  • It is a set of facilities to monitor passenger status in platform, train driving and the vulnerable zones including tunnels and bridges. This system is to provide and deal with images taken from installed CCTVs.
  • Video Transmission, CCTV, Fence Monitoring, Control Center

PIS(Passenger Information System)

  • It is installed at platforms and waiting rooms for displaying diverse information relating to arrival/departure, running schedule, seat status and other train running.
  • Central System, Indicator(Start/Arrival, Ticketing)

TNMS(Total Network Management System)

  • TNMS is to manage and control each communication facilities and used for maintaining each sub-systems


  • Wifi is a technology for wireless communication service for the railway operator/manager and passengers in the stations and trains.

Our Benefits

We support our customers in

  • Improve operational efficiency through integrating monitoring and management of each system
  • Provide the most advanced solutions to increase safety
  • Develop scalable system to cope with further railway expansion

Our References

  • High Speed Rail(KTX) 1phase Surveillance System, Korea
  • High Speed Rail(KTX) 2phase Total Communication Systems(Transmission, TETRA TRS, Station Communication)
  • High Speed Rail(KTX) 3phase Transmisson System, Korea
  • MRT Line1 Telecommunication, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Shinbundang Line Telecommunication System(1st, 2nd phase), Korea
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  • Seoul Metro Line1~4 Destination Indicator, Korea