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LG CNS Smart Transportation


Our Expertise

As the number of travelers who use public transportation increases, a system which could enhance safety and convenience for travelers is required.
PSD is the safe facility with fixed doors and sliding doors installed at the metro/train station platform which is interlocked with the doors of rolling stock for the opening and closing by the signal system recognizing the location of the rolling stock in the station.

  • Protect the passengers from having negligent accidents at the station.
  • Provide comfortable condition for the passengers blocking the wind, dust and noise from the trackside.
  • Maximize the energy-conservation with the increase in the efficiency of air conditioning system.

Our Solutions

PSD Type

LG CNS PSD system will be designed and installed as per the requirements and conditions of stations.

Full-Height type

  • Full-Closed type, Semi-Closed type
  • Obstruction between platform and tracks
  • Minimization of noise and dust
  • Energy conservation

Half-Height type

  • Height : 1.5~1.7m
  • No needed installation works on the ceiling
  • Expanded visual field at the platform

Rope type

  • Limitless to length of train or the number of doors
  • Construction cost can be reduced over 40% due to shorten period of installation, simple way of installation
  • Maintenance cost can be reduced over 80%
  • Distance between posts: 8~12m(Adjustable)
  • Heights for passenger blocking: 1.4~1.7m(Adjustable)

PSD Configuration

PSD system is composed of a Control system(PLCP), a Structure part and an Electro-Mechanical part.

Control system(PLCP)

  • Monitoring and Control PSD in each platform
  • Communication Interface with the signaling and SCADA

Structure part

  • Consist of Platform End Door, Fixed Panel, Sliding Door and Emergency Escape Door
  • Providing PSD type and structure as per the requirements and conditions of stations

Electro-Mechanical part

  • Consist of the Driving unit, Control unit, Indicator and Display(option)
  • Installed in the upper or lower section in line as per PSD type and usability of maintenance

Our Benefits

We support our customers in

  • Enhance safety and convenience of traveler by providing a barrier between travelers and the platform
  • Optimize energy efficiency by minimizing heating and air-conditioning operation
  • Improve air-quality of the platform by blocking airflow from tunnel and road

Our References

  • KL Monorail Fleet Expansion Project-PSD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Lusail LRT PSD, Qatar (Ongoing)