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LG CNS Smart Transportation


Our Expertise

With the rapid growth of air traffic and evolution of CNS/ATM technology, more modernized air traffic management system is required for air traffic safety and utilization of limited airspace capacity.

We committed to support those requirements by integrating our SI expertise and LM’s Skyline, the most advanced and proven ATC solution on the market.

Our Solutions

LG CNS provides comprehensive, commercial off-the-shelf ATM solution which is proved in world's most complex airspace.

Leidos's (Previously it was air traffic management division in Lockheed Martin and Leidos has acquired the division in 2016) ATM system, SkyLine, includes all of the advanced capabilities necessary to modernize air traffic control (ATC) operations to increase capacity, efficiency and safety, while offering a scalable system to meet diverse air traffic services.
Furthermore, the SkyLine system will provide you with a low-risk solution. The SkyLine system has been deployed at a number of different international ATC facilities, and has reached an outstanding level of stability due to continuous improvements implemented over SkyLine’s entire 15-year existence.
Leidos's SkyLine system features a highly available, distributed, modular, expandable architecture, which allows systems to be easily configured in order to meet the needs of individual users and sites.

The highlights of Leidos ATM system are as follows :


  • Reuses system software operating 38 en route centers, 121 approach control facilities, and 4 oceanic/procedural control facilities controlling over 60% of the world’s air traffic.

Safety Functions

  • Short term conflict advisory, minimum altitude warnings, approach path monitoring, and VFR intrusion alerts
  • Surveillance-based Medium Term Conflict Detection validated at 20 US en route centres since 2003
  • Procedural conflict detection that supports all of the ICAO vertical, longitudinal, and lateral separation criteria validated in the world’s largest oceanic airspace since 2005

Flight Data Processing

  • Supports the Flight Information eXchange Model (FIXM) to allow exchanges of flight data with other systems
  • Supports full life cycle model for flight data
  • Provides accurate trajectory models with automatic synchronization to reported positions
  • Enables 4 Dimensional Trajectory Based Operations

Traffic Flow Management

  • Demonstrated arrival management capability proven at the 25 busiest airports in the US
  • Demonstrated departure time management capability to fit aircraft into crowded overhead streams at over 50 airports
  • Support the efficient use of ADS-B/C and Interval Management capabilities.
  • Incorporates latest investments in integrated departure and arrival capabilities

Surveillance Data Processing

  • Delivers field proven ADS-B processing capability
  • Provides fused track display
  • Provides wide-area multilateration capability
  • Supports 19 radar types including both long-range and short-range radars
  • Supports surface radar
  • Modern and proven Kalman filter tracker

Datalink Processing

  • Provides operationally proven FANS 1/A+ message delivery (AFN, ADS, CPDLC) Supports ICAO standard AIDC and OLDI Coordination interfaces

Our Benefits

  • Low-risk – SkyLine has been operational at a number of ATC facilities and its stability has greatly improved
  • Flexibility – SkyLine has proven to be a system that can be easily adapted and customized to a variety of different operational environments.
  • Expandability – SkyLine has also been proven to allow easy expansion and enhancement to meet requirements based on new technology and operational standards.
  • Provide powerful contingency backup system for 2 ACC operation in Korea.
  • Comprehensive ATM solution including VCCS, AIM, EFS, and statistics.

Our References

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