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LG CNS Smart Transportation

AFC | Bogota, Colombia Smart Card System

Project Scope

In July 2011, LG CNS was awarded as a contractor to deliver and operate a new AFC system for the SIRCI project which will handle over 6.5 million trips per day. The modes of transport consist of: 1) A bus rapid transit (BRT) system consisting of 1,666 trunk buses running on 75 lines with 157 stations and 1,006 gates; 2) about 9,900 zonal buses run by 9 operators; and 3) 914 feeder buses which feed the BRT stations.

Bogota, Colombia has implemented the LG CNS AFC Solution for its more than 10,000 buses and over 25 stations on its 3rd BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) service. As such, the AFC (Automated Fare Collection) services are now available in the city.

The city began installing the AFC system at the end of 2011, and the service has been already launched. LG CNS plans to replace the old AFC equipment of the stations on its 1st and 2nd BRT and integrate to the new system by the end of 2015. The new system offers its citizens a single transfer service for all the mass transport systems throughout the city.

Under the 15-year contract, LG CNS is expected to bring about as dramatic a mass-transportation revolution in Bogota as that experienced in Seoul. With the successful operation of LG CNS AFC system in a Latin American country, LG CNS has proven that its system is well qualified to become a global mass transit system anywhere in the world.

Our Solutions

It is also relevant that the SIRCI fare collection system is a multi-modal, multi-operator system based on contactless smart cards.

Central IT Infra

  • Server, storage, PCs, Network equipment, DBMS, etc.
  • Call Center System

AFC Back-end Software

  • LG CNS AFC 2.0 (Fare collection and data reporting, Issuance & administration of cards, Recharging & validation of cards, Security management, etc.)
  • Total Operation Monitoring System (Visualized system operation monitoring solution)
  • Data Warehouse
  • Web Service (Provide the fare policy and other guidelines for passengers)

Field Equipment

  • Over 10,000 Card Validators and Bus turnstile gates
  • Over 1,000 Access Gates and RF Readers for 160 BRT stations
  • Over 4,500 POSs & 50 Automatic Rechargers
  • Balance Inquiries, Handheld Checking & Recharging Terminals
  • Over 8 mil. Contactless Smartcards

Our Benefits

  • Provide accurate forecast of public transportation demand based on real data, which is essential to establish effective policies
  • Improve revenues and encourage people to use public transportation more often through transfer discounts and discount fares for socially disadvantaged citizens
  • Enhance accessibility of passengers through using all modes of public transportation simply by tagging a single payment media and enjoy savings via transfer discounts
  • Provide revenue data per vehicle and route, and generate other relevant information in real time