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LG CNS Smart Transportation

FMS | Bogota, Colombia Fleet Management System

Project Scope

Bogota SIRCI project also includes Fleet Management System(FMS) as well as AFC as its project scope. LG CNS has implemented FMS for 3rd BRT Line (about 700 Trunk buses and 250 Feeder buses) and 10,000 Zonal buses which have been reformed through SITP program(Bus system reform), and operated from August of 2012. In addition, it plans to integrate existing FMS of 1st and 2nd BRT Lines established by the other provider into the new FMS by the end of 2015.

As the result, the city can monitor the operating status of all buses of the city comprehensively and control the buses in one center. And it helps for the bus companies to do cost-effective bus operation and management such as making the bus operation plan, dispatching drivers and buses, and controlling operation. In addition, the bus schedule and the estimated arrival time have served for passengers through information display panels in vehicles and in stations.

The modes of transport consist of:

  • 1) A Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) system consisting of 1,666 trunk buses running on 75 lines with 157 stations
  • 2) about 9,900 zonal buses run by 9 operators
  • 3) 914 feeder buses which feed the BRT stations.

Our Solutions

We delivered IT Systems from Center IT Infra, back-end Software to Field equipment and provided functions from planning, dispatching, fleet monitoring & control to performance management.

Central IT Infra

  • Main FMS Center and 13 Zonal Centers (Server, Storage, Backup PCs, Network equipment, DBMS, etc.)
  • Cellular communication network
  • IP Telephony for internal communication and Zonal buses
  • TRS(Trunked Radio System) for Trunk buses
  • Call Center System

FMS Back-end Software

  • Geographic Information System
  • Wireless communication between the vehicle and central system
  • Fleet monitoring and control
  • Fleet management and data reporting
  • Fleet Programming Software
  • Real-time Passenger Information System (RTPI)
  • Web Service (Route, station, frequency and other related information to the bus operation)

Field Equipment

  • Over 12,000 On-board Logic Units with GPS and accessory equipment such as Microphone & Speaker system, door sensors and emergency buttons
  • Over 3,000 Passenger Information Panels for over 2,000 Trunk buses
  • Over 700 Passenger Information Panels for 160 BRT stations

Our Benefits

  • Improve punctuality through providing real-time provision of bus information
  • Enhance efficiency of bus operation through optimizing route planning, operation schedule and driver and bus dispatching
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction through enhancing operational safety for drivers