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LG CNS Smart Transportation

FMS | Incheon, Korea Fleet Management System

Project Scope

In 2006, Incheon City planned to provide bus information services to the public, bus operators, and Incheon city by collecting and managing all bus information in the Incheon metropolitan area. By introducing cutting-edge IT technology to the public transportation system, the quality of service was improved, use of public transportation was promoted and increased, and effective public transportation operations were facilitated.

Our Solutions

We delivered IT Systems from Center IT Infra, back-end Software to Field equipment and provided functions from planning, dispatching, fleet monitoring & control to performance management

Central IT Infra

  • Main FMS Center (Server, Storage, Video Wall, Backup PCs, Network equipment, DBMS, etc.)
  • Cellular communication network
  • Call Center System

FMS Back-end Software

  • Geographic Information System
  • Wireless communication between the vehicle and central system
  • Fleet monitoring and control
  • Fleet management and data reporting
  • Fleet Programming Software
  • Real-time Passenger Information System (RTPI)
  • Web Service (Route, station, frequency and other related information to the bus operation)

Field Equipment

  • 2,929 FMS Driver consoles(On-board Logic Units with GPS)
  • 515 Passenger Information Panels (365 LED Type, 150 LCD Type for bus stations)

Our Benefits

  • Increase compliance with scheduled intervals, securing of operational safety, and improvements in customer satisfaction resulted in improved public transportation service
  • Increase bus user convenience by providing real time provision of bus information time through various media, including information panels at bus stops, Internet, and ARS/SMS.
  • Enhance visibility of all buses in Incheon by managing dispatching and operating instructions
  • Improve operation efficiency by monitoring real-time bus operation data