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LG CNS Smart Transportation

TMS | Seoul, Korea Traffic Management System

Project Scope

As the number of cars in Seoul had been rapidly increasing, high performance traffic management system was required to enhance efficiency, safety and convenience. Seoul Metropolitan City established a plan to develop a system to provide traffic information to the public in real time through collection and analysis of traffic data from high-tech video detection and CCTV devices installed at Seoul's expressways (including the Naebu Expressway, the Gangbyeon Expressway, the Olympic Expressway, the Bukbu Expressway, the Dongbu Expressway, and the Gyeongbu Expressway)

Our Solutions

LG CNS provided services related to the design, supply, installation and maintenance of expressway’s Intelligent Traffic System(ITS) including back office and field equipment.The solution designed by LG CNS for Seoul Expressway is comprised of:

IT Infra

  • Main Center (Server, Storage, Video Wall, Backup PCs, Network equipment, DBMS, etc.)
  • Data warehouse for traffic data
  • Fiber optic network along the entire expressway

ITS Control Center

  • Control room with video wall
  • Data collection and processing
  • Real-time information service through web and mobile

Field Equipment

  • Traffic Data Collection (VDS: Vehicle detection system)
  • Traffic Surveillance (CCV)
  • Traffic Control (RMS: Ramp Metering System, LCS: Lane control System)
  • Traffic Information Service (VMS: Variable Message Sign)

Our Benefits

  • Reduce travel time by increasing average speed of expressway
  • Enhance safety and optimum service for transport system users
  • Reduce air pollution and congestion caused by motor vehicles
  • Produce a total of 284.2 billion won in returns