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LG CNS Smart Transportation

Telecommunication | Korea KTX Telecommunication System

Project Scope

The Korea Rail Network Authority tendered the installation of KTX Telecommunication System between Daegu and Busan, joining the two cities with a 152km line and 2 intermediate stations(Sin Kyungju and Ulsan)

LG was responsible for surveillance, optical transmission, TETRA TRS and Station Communication facilities and the associated ancillary equipments to provide reliable communication services required in High-Speed railway operation among the Railway Traffic Control Centre and the stations of DongDaeGu, BuSan, O-Song, KimCheon and GuMi.

Our Solutions

LG CNS performed the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commission of telecommunication systems for operation of high speed rail.

Transmission System

  • Integration of transmission systems between the existing KTX railroad and the extension railroad systems(Phase 2nd).
  • Backbone Network facilities
  • Total Network Management System


  • TRS Connection to the existing system(Phase 1)
  • Main Control System
  • Base Station, Radio Devices
  • On-board system

Station Communication System

  • Voice Communication
  • CCTV Surveillance System of stations
  • Passenger Information. Public Address, Time Distribution system
  • Integrated Network Management System
  • Railroad Communication network

Surveillance System

  • CCTV, Fence Monitoring
  • Video Transmission
  • Integrated central system

Our Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiency through integrating monitoring and management of each system
  • Enhance safety by implementing surveillance and security systems
  • Ensure trouble-free telecommunication system at all times