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LG CNS Smart Transportation

PSD | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Monorail PSD

Project Scope

Kuala Lumpur transport authority tendered the project for the implementation of Half-Height PSD System for the 25 existing stations at AMG Line and 11 new stations at the AMG Line Extension Project (AMG LEP). The implementation scope of Half-Height PSD System included the supply and installation of half-height structure of door at platforms, control system for PSD, testing, commissioning and training of PSD system, interface with the existing AMG LEP facilities works, Light Rail Vehicle and other railway systems such as signaling and SCADA.

The primary objective of installation was to optimize the operation of boarding, alighting and movement of trains in the region of platforms, increase the safety levels of the users at the platforms and restricts access to the track regions to those individuals who are duly authorized.

Design Criteria

  • Isolation of the platform and passengers from the guide-way beam
  • Prevention of people or objects from falling onto the tracks and avoidance of the costs arising from such disturbances,
  • Protection of passengers from being dragged by the train,
  • Increase the available area where passengers can stand during operation,
  • Bring Aesthetic Values to the Station,
  • Ease of maintenance

Our Solutions

We deliver total process of installation of PSD from design, supply, delivery, installation, testing to maintenance.

  • Half Height PSD Barrier, 1.5m high
  • Double Leaves Sliding doors
  • Emergency Doors
  • Fix Panels as Connecting guards with the same look as other doors
  • Synchronization with train doors
  • Stop position sensors to assure accurate train stoppage
  • Obstacle detection system
  • Staff access switches
  • Audible and Visual door operation messages
  • Trapped passenger detection system to prevent passenger or object being trapped between PSD and train
  • Allow a much easier installation in existing station
  • Emergency and Manual operation

Our Benefits

  • Provide safety and reliable public transportation system by preventing accidental fall-offs from the platform
  • Optimize operational efficiency by integrating existing system
  • Minimize construction period and inconvenience of traveler by adopting modular PSD structure