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LG CNS Smart Transportation

ATC | Korea Air Traffic Control

Project Scope

In 2013, the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation awarded LG CNS as a prime contractor of the ATM system for Korea Area Control Center in Incheon. LG CNS will complete the work in partnership with Lockheed Martin and SkyLine ATM system will replace a previous version of SkyLine, which has operated in Korea since 2001. LG CNS will also provide new ATM system in Daegu which is a contingency backup ATM system.

The Korea ATM system consists of operational system, training system, software management & testing system, Recording & Playback system and Electronic Flight Strip system. The system should control over 5,700 air traffics per day.

LG CNS established SkyLine Research and Development center at an LG CNS facility in Seoul, Korea. The center will facilitate technology transfer and provide in-country software customization to the Korean customer. LG CNS offers ATM solution and technical services to Korean customer and continues the system's expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Solutions

  • SkyLine ATM system features a highly available, distributed, modular, expandable architecture, which allows systems to be easily configured in order to meet the needs of individual users and site.
  • SkyLine was designed and implemented based on a consistent set of architecture principles and philosophy throughout the product life cycle.
  • Air-Ground, Ground-Ground Voice Communication System
  • Highly scalable ATC support systems such as AIM, ATFM, and ATC quality analysis.

Our Benefits

  • Provide a low-risk, low-cost solution. The SkyLine system has been deployed at a number of different international ATC facilities, and has reached an outstanding level of stability due to continuous improvements implemented over SkyLine's entire 15 -year existence
  • Minimize the overhead associated with system transition and training, as well as continued system maintenance.
  • In partnering with Lockheed Martin, Korea Air Traffic Center has an in-country partner that is ready to support KATC in its mission. LG CNS as a direct partner of Lockheed Martin works with Lockheed Martin on future endeavors in the ATC area in the Asia-Pacific region.